Grand Evening By Myles Sullivan

Grand Evening By Myles Sullivan



  • £215.00

Artist: Myles Sullivan
Myles Sullivan loves to capture a fleeting moment of time in his paintings. There is always a story behind the scene, though the story remains enigmatic. Whether the image shows an instant of connection between two people or a withdrawal into loneliness, Myles' artwork portrays moody, soulful scenes. "My hope is to bring the viewer into a different world, to ponder the feeling of the moment, the emotion, the mystery. We tend to run, run, run as we live our lives, and maybe my art will give a reason to slow down just for a little. Wouldn't it be great if art were to inspire us to explore the emotion and mystery of the moments in our own lives?" Myles experimented with several styles and media after graduating from art school. He claims to have a "reservoir" of paintings yet to be created in his signature style, though he does not discount the possibility of a major shift some time in the future. A Canadian through and through, Myles lives with his wife and family near the city of Vancouver.

Product Type: Framed art with a textured varnish finish.

Size: 37" x 37"