Freckles By Paul Miners - Mail Order Art

Freckles By Paul Miners



  • £208.00

Product Type: Framed fine art print with a hand embellished textured finish.

Size: 37" x 37"

Artist: Paul Miners
Paul Miners is a New Zealand born specialist wildlife Artist who is currently based in Australia.
“I do a lot of research on my subject and surroundings, then incorporate my own ideas and passion into the subject matter. My final creation of artwork is my personal way of sharing my love for wildlife and making a lasting contribution to the viewer. I try to capture the spirit of the animals I paint.”
“Although I was an award winning traditional artist, I do not create my art using traditional media. Although becoming an established and exhibiting pastel artist in the late 80’s, I now combine my artistic skills with modern digital technology.”
“By using digital brushes on a Wacom computer tablet, I can offer a number of benefits that traditional paintings cannot offer. Because my paintings are created using a digital process, the end result is not limited to one size and style of painting.”
“My art is a way for me to share my love of the wild and help preserve the beauty by capturing the moment on canvas”