Day At The Beach By Ruth Palmer


  • £100.00
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Product Type: Fine art print on canvas.

Outer Frame Size: 48" x 36"

Artist: Ruth Palmer
Ruth Palmer paints contemporary abstracts by feeling her way through the process and connecting to the soul of the subject, without concern for distinctions between representation and abstraction. Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, Palmer now resides in Calgary, Canada. While her primary influence is spiritual, her art is also influenced by the richness of Manet’s impressionist works and what she deems “the colourful play and balance” of Kandinsky’s. Like Kandinsky, for whom spiritual influences counted heavily, there’s a certain intentional separation with Palmer’s art that allows viewers to participate in creating the artwork. The disunion is repaired when the painted form connects to the viewer’s soul. Ruth’s works are extremely popular in print, particularly in the design market and hospitality industry.

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