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Conversation On The Beach By Susan Kuznitsky



  • £130.00

Artist: Susan Kuznitsky
From an early age, Susan Kuznitsky possessed the eye and heart of the artist. Finishing high school early, her passion led her to study at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and later inspired her formal, classical training in Woodstock, New York with Albert Handell. Susan later painted at the Palette and Chisel Academy, working with an inspiring group of painters in an informal setting led by Richard Schmid. She remarks that some of her best training came from her time as a freelance portrait artist creating quick sketches from life.
Originally from Chicago, Susan moved to Portland, Oregon in the early 90s, with her husband Steven. The natural beauty of the Northwest offered new colors and vibrant landscapes to paint. Susan’s love of painting has always compelled her to share her gift with other. From the beginning, teaching has been part of her life as an artist. Susan remarks that “teaching allows me to keep my eye fresh. Together we share inspiration”

Product Type: Framed art with a textured varnish finish.

Size: 32" x 24"

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