Classic VW Blue By Dennis Middleton - Mail Order Art

Classic VW Blue By Dennis Middleton


  • £245.00

Artist: Dennis Middleton
Dennis Middleton is a self taught artist from Sheffield. Born in South Yorkshire in 1953, Dennis always enjoyed art as a teenager and could often be found in his room interpreting his surroundings with his pencils and sketchbooks.
Up until recently, Dennis’ art had been nothing more than a hobby and it was only when a customer spotted one of his works hidden in the corner of his workshop and wanted to buy it, that Dennis realised the potential of his outstanding work. Since then, demand for his work has increased dramatically.
Dennis Middleton specialises in heavy textured acrylics, incorporating mixed media. His work covers a broad spectrum of subject matter, all shot through with confident, imaginative and bold visual language.

Product Type: Framed Original Art

Size: 28" x 26"

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