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Central Park By Carmen Dolce



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Product Type: Framed art with a textured varnish finish.

Outer Frame Size: 42" x 30"

Artist: Carmen Dolce
Was born in the Tuscan region of Italy where she spent the early part of her childhood. At the age of 12, her family moved to Sudbury Ontario, Canada where her father got a job working in the mines.
The terrain of northern Ontario was greatly different than that of Tuscany and the winters can be very long, harsh and bitterly cold. During these long cold winters and being home sick her parents spoke often of the beautiful Tuscan landscape.These beautiful landscapes were scattered with vineyards and fruit orchards, which were lush and green, changing to golden with the setting sun.
Carmen always wanted to make her parents happy so she started to draw and paint the images her parents had described and that she remembered from her childhood. Over the years of painting for her parents she eventually accumulated many paintings and was encouraged to have a show. The show was so successful that she began doing landscape paintings fulltime.