Buick Riviera Limited By Hakan Strand - Mail Order Art

Buick Riviera Limited By Hakan Strand



  • £250.00

Artist: Hakan Strand
Håkan Strand's much appreciated pictures have been shown in many international photography exhibits and photography magazines. He often works with a medium format camera and traditional black and white negative film. The slow way of working is important for him to get what he wants. Quite often the exposure time needed to capture the image exceeds an hour and while working at night there is often only one opportunity to create the picture before sunrise. His work has received several awards both in Sweden and abroad.
Håkan Strand was born in 1959 in Eskilstuna, Sweden. He has a life long passion for black and white photography and travels the world to record it in his unique way.

Product Type: Framed art with a glass and mount finish.

Size: 45" x 26"

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