Blue Sparkles By Sharon Johnstone - Mail Order Art

Blue Sparkles By Sharon Johnstone



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Artist: Sharon Johnstone
“I have a Fine Art background. I Completed my Fine Art degree at WSCAD (now known as University of Creative Arts) back in 1993; in which I specialised in Fine Art printmaking.
I have always loved photography. These days I spend very little time in my art studio, my passion for photography having completely taken over.
With macro photography I escape to another little world. I love exploring the tiny details in nature that often get over looked. I love finding beautiful colours and abstract compositions within nature and can even get passionate about photographing moss or a blade of grass.
I think I am at my happiest when I am crawling around on my hands and knees exploring a small patch of moss dripping with sparkling dew in the early morning sun.”

Product Type: Framed Art with a glass finish.

Size: 34” x 24”