Above The Clouds By Lina Alattar



  • £100.00

Product Type:
Art print with a hand embellished finish which is available with a choice of 4 frames.
As a rolled print which can also be used for framing.

Outer Frame Size: 25” x 25”
Print Only Size: 19” x 19”

Artist: Lina Alattar
I draw from my varied life experiences to explore concepts that deal with evolving identity. Having lived on three continents by the age of 12, my work explores rootlessness, belonging, identity, and our shared human experience. These paintings are part of a series that explores ourselves and the world around us – our light, our shadows, our wholeness. 
I have a long and passionate obsession with colour, shape and space. I am especially attracted to emotive paradox – serene and chaotic, lush and messy, loose and intense – made tangible through the painted landscape. It is within this paradox that the magic is revealed, bringing a transient experience into view. It nudges me to pay attention to the rhythms, patterns, and colours – the underlying wonders surrounding us.
These paintings act as a reminder that we have always been travelers, expanding the parameters of our identity, searching for aesthetic experience, guiding ourselves into wholeness.

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