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Piazza | Art Fronckowiak | Framed Art

Piazza By Art Fronckowiak

Framed Art By Art Fronckowiak.

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Artist: Art Fronckowiak
Voted Best Florida Artist in 1995 and named to Who's Who in American Art in 1997, Art Fronckowiak (pronounced fron-ko-wee-ak) is a painter whose "first love" is the traditional romantic landscape. In his painting, he pays special attention to the play of light and shadow from bright to extreme dark, and in his floral-architecturals, to create a sense of peacefulness and invite the viewer to linger and enjoy.
Fronckowiak's palette and technique are reminiscent of an "old world" blend of light, colour and composition characteristic of the classical works of our past. He has spent many years at crafting the look, feel and presence of the early masters from the European "Barbizon" painters to the "Hudson River"' period in this country. His canvases are intended to reflect that quiet timelessness translated through the modern medium of acrylic oils developed to museum quality standards.
Fronckowiak's current effort is focused on the emergence of an "Old Florida" style, calling to mind the influence of Old Masters such as Herman Herzog, George Inness and Albert Bierstadt. Of this style, he says: "There is a romance in this place, its wilderness and its past, that transcends the modern look so characteristic of the contemporary Florida art scene."
Self-educated in his craft, Fronckowiak never set out to become an artist. From the earliest years of childhood when he did drawings on wallpaper scraps, painting has been a part of his life. Born in 1949, Fronckowiak developed his skill by spending thousands of hours learning, he says, through, "trial and error". Art Fronckowiak's studio and home was in Venice, Florida.
He passed away on May 6, 2009.

Product Type: Framed art with a textured varnish finish.

Size: 38” x 30”

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Piazza By Art Fronckowiak

Framed Art By Art Fronckowiak.

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