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Les Fromages | Marilyn Hageman | Framed Art

Les Fromages By Marilyn Hageman

Framed Art By Marilyn Hageman.

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Artist: Marilyn Hageman
A Marilyn Hageman landscape conjures up the moment of a soft breeze on a summer day. She captures the sensation of movement, even in the seemingly still subjects of flowers and trees. At the age of three Marilyn began to paint horses, intrigued by their speed and motion. Now a painter of natural landscapes and botanicals, Marilyn still strives to capture the lyrical energy of the horses she drew in childhood. “I find it hard to categorize my work,” Marilyn admits. Her brush strokes vary from loose and playful to concise. Reminiscent of her major artistic influences, Claude Monet and Mary Cassatt, Marilyn’s florals are as representational as they are impressionistic.
In the 1980s Marilyn attended Colorado State University where she eceived both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in painting. Here she studied under Jim Dormer, a successful painter and printmaker, who remains her mentor today. “Jim’s uncompromising and emanding teaching style brought out my confidence and ability as an artist. He still provides me with guidance and support.”

Product Type: Framed art with a textured varnish finish.

Size: 26” x 20”

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Les Fromages By Marilyn Hageman

Framed Art By Marilyn Hageman.

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