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Serie Caminos 22 | Ines Benedicto | Open Edition Art

Serie Caminos 22 By Ines Benedicto

Art print

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Our Framed Prints Look Like Originals

This framed print comes coated with a hand embellished varnish which makes it look more like an original piece of art.

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Product Type:
Art print with a hand embellished finish which is available with a choice of 4 frames.
As a rolled print which can also be used for framing.

Outer Frame Size: 25” x 25”
Print Only Size: 19” x 19”

Artist: Ines Benedicto
Ines Benedicto is a self-taught artist born on January 22, 1964, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She graduated from the University of Belgrano where she studied IT.
After getting her degree she devoted several year to pursue her professional career. Art has always been one of her passions, but it was not until the beginning of 2000 when she started painting. She attended workshops of artists such as Mariana Guerrero, Paula Rivero, Rebeca Mendoza and Luis Altieri.
In her paintings she builds sensitive planes, with an essential dialogue between them. She achieves through the superimposition of layers and chromatic balance a solid compositional work.
In the basis of her works, she says: “I connect, fuse together and integrate colours, planes and textures. I build layer over layer, I create planes that delicately meet each other, and I chose transparency as my best allies. I harmonize colours based on their vibration. I let my rebellious spirit flow in the provocative note that surprises the eye of the spectator.”
Her works can be found in private collections both in Argentina and the United States. Nowadays, she has a studio in La Lucila.

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Serie Caminos 22 By Ines Benedicto

Art print

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