Morning Serenity By H.J. Herrera

Art print

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Our Framed Prints Look Like Originals

This framed print comes coated with a hand embellished varnish which makes it look more like an original piece of art.

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Product Type:
Art print with a hand embellished finish which is available with a choice of 4 frames.
As a rolled print which can also be used for framing.

Outer Frame Size: 30” x 22”
Print Only Size: 23” x 15”

Artist: H.J. Herrera
For Florida based artist, H.J. Herrera photography is his passion as well as his business. Herrera is a self-taught photographer; however he occasionally attends professional workshops adding to his skill set and learning more about composition and lighting. He considers himself a ‘landscape photographer,’ but defines the term ‘landscape’ in a very broad spectrum encompassing both natural and man-made landscapes.
Herrera was born in Cuba and came to the US in the early 60s with his parents. He grew up in South Florida, and attended school at the University of Florida earning a degree in microbiology. Herrera still lives in North Florida with his wife, cats and fish.
Various weekends mostly in the fall and spring, this photographer can be found exhibiting work at street art festivals, primarily in Florida.

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Morning Serenity By H.J. Herrera

Art print

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